How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by Sharon Kehnemui on August 12, 2018

buyer's remorse faceHow do you turn prospects into customers and retain them for future marketing? Ah, that’s the question every business owner wants answered. Scarier still, what if you actually get the customer but then they aren’t happy with their decision. They key is to create a marketing strategy that will help your client avoid buyer’s remorse!

Your marketing may be doing its job, but you need to close the deal. When we look at the customer funnel, it goes from awareness to comparison shopping all the way down to a purchase. Marketing can get super-creative throughout (and I personally especially enjoy building reasons for your customer to choose you over your competition).

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But you still have to seal the sale, and while you try to be inviting, informative, and enjoyable throughout the process, you gotta get past that hump of the 10 reasons customers think of or talk themselves out of a purchase.

In other words, you need to overcome the dreaded fear of buyer’s remorse (and it’s the fear as much as the actual remorse that people experience). You want to avoid someone regretting their purchase at all costs, and this can be mitigated by providing a quality product/service that delivers on the marketing claims you’ve made.

So how do you prevent buyer’s remorse? Two ways:

  • Offer to refund money — no questions asked
  • Offer a bonus they can keep even if they return the product or don’t wish to continue with the service.

These offers alone will mitigate buyer’s remorse (or the worry that a buyer will experience it) because the customer will trust you more just for offering these things.

There are numerous ways to turn a prospect into a customer. These are fun, fun, fun to test and try, and they enable the business owner a lot of creativity in their marketing strategy:

  1. Offer a special price as an opportunity for you to test the market.
  2. Offer a lower price with the reason of pushing inventory for your own survival (like paying an April tax bill!). This makes you feel so much more human.
  3. Offer a referral incentive.
  4. Offer a smaller, more inexpensive product first to build trust.
  5. Offer package deals.
  6. Offer to charge less for their first purchase if they become a repeat customer.
  7. Offer extra incentives like longer warranties or free bonuses if ordered by a set date.
  8. Offer financing options, if applicable.
  9. Offer a bonus if they pay in full.
  10. Offer special packaging or delivery.
  11. Offer “name your own price” incentives.
  12. Offer comparative data or other comparison tools.
  13. Offer a trade-up or upgrade for something they already have.
  14. Offer additional, educational information to help them make the decision.

The options really are as limitless as you make it. You can use these or other ideas to find what works the best for your business, products/service and target market. Just remember this …

“By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring and fun to do business with you, you’ll loft your company above the competition.”  -Jay Abraham

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