30 Ways to Market Like a Pro

Posted by Sharon Kehnemui on September 12, 2018

Image of a tree with media icons as leavesHow do the kings and queens of industry wine, dine, and otherwise cajole prospects? Hint: It’s not through wining and dining! It’s by knowing how to market like a pro.

Most successful businesses speak to the needs and wants of their prospects by using a series of information-based ads or marketing materials that build emotional attachment and credibility, and provide “a call to action” to ensure their customers reach out to them. These are much more effective methods than standard company branding because it qualifies prospects and partners as it fulfills their needs and wants.

The principles that go into putting together a high impact (and, often, high-priced) ad campaign can be adapted to fit most any company’s needs with similar results and less spending than traditional paid media — if done right.

Below is a list of 30 options for putting together and executing a professional, effective outreach campaign that offers information, action, and relationship-building, all while showing prospects what differentiates you from your competition.

I don’t suggest to my clients doing one or two of these items. I recommend going through the gamut to see how we can mix and match these activities to acquire the most appropriate leads and close the most lucrative arrangements.

So here’s a list of marketing tactics that will attract the right audience for you:

  1. Put together a short report that is automatically sent to prospects when they contact you. This should include a short description of your business and what you specialize in as well as case studies, samples, or other proof of your success.
  2. Develop value-oriented yellow page ads.
  3. Use newsletters to educate and inform existing (and future) customers about your industry and the services you offer.
  4. Host a free seminar, webinar, or other lecture to build awareness of your business (make sure the information is pertinent to your target market and find speakers who are respected and known in the industry).
  5. Test multiple versions of your messaging to find the most effective ones.
  6. Use direct mail to reach specific geographic zones.
  7. Put together a database of previous customers and send them new or reconfigured product lines and packages.
  8. Offer incentives such as frequent purchasing benefits, loyalty programs, or referral programs.
  9. Offer a 24-hour information line with a regularly updated recorded message. Make this available to all past and future customers/clients.
  10. Donate materials to local charities to show support for your area.
  11. Offer free and approachable public “clinics” or on-site events for locals to join and discuss what they need from your industry.
  12. Organize seminars with a high-perception value package that your customers/clients can pay to attend.
  13. Approach local news outlets and offer to write a weekly column about your area of expertise. Don’t ask for money, just a byline and bio.
  14. Develop an overnight or destination seminar for customers/clients that provides an action-packed weekend and also allows participants to join in a tax-deductible experience.
  15. Take a good seminar and turn it into written form as a home study, member site program, or audio or video program.
  16. Approach large companies and offer to give seminars to their employees, investors, or management.
  17. Barter for your products or services. Offer trade in lieu of payment.
  18. Be willing to bring in new clients, even if at an initial loss, with the expectation it will pay off later.
  19. Regulate your marketing budget to maximize the potential income to hit in the next year and try to push back advertising costs for the next year to offset your expenses.
  20. Give away something free to everyone who brings in a print version of your advertisement. This is a great way to see which ads are giving you the most bang for your buck.
  21. Continually update your products and services bundles so you can offer new packages to current customers/clients.
  22. Develop a mail order division of your company.
  23. Proposition your competitors to trade customers/clients whom you were each unsuccessful in selling to.
  24. Use different marketing tactics as an excuse to attract new customers/clients with new offers and goodies.
  25. Offer a “choose-your-price” program. This is especially good for products that are sitting on the shelf.
  26. Buy an existing business, introduce better marketing, and grow this new business faster than a “from scratch” business.
  27. Approach large firms who may need your services and negotiate a deal to be their exclusive expert in your field.
  28. Make offers to target markets or target market businesses to pay them for referrals or shared databases.
  29. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend the networking and other activities throughout the year.
  30. Join a local, state, or regional professional associates for further networking opportunities.

So, there you have it: 30 great ways to get your services or products in front of business and professional prospects (B2B) as well as directly to customers (B2c).

But you can also look at other ways to get your name out there and start increasing your value. For instance,

  • Offer loaner products to replace equipment that has been repaired or refurbished.
  • Get involved you in your community: Volunteer, donate to local events, etc.
  • Become a board member of a local organization.

For all of these options, let’s just say: Know Your Value, Know Your Customer.

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